Monday, October 23, 2006


well, after much deliberation, I have officially changed the name of the blog. I want to keep the "B" - it is like an old friend that has been with me for a really long time. It is who I am really - Mandy B. But with all the proper pride I can muster, I want to wear the Stenberg name like a shiny badge. So we'll just incorporate the two together. Really, say it a few times. It has a nice ring to it . . . . Mandy B Stenberg.

no, I'm not hyphenating. I'm not even normally including the "B" when I sign things. But for here, and for those who just can't stop saying "Mandy B" well, it is there. Mark's OK with that. He knows who he married! And he knows I'm super proud to wear his name.

I've been a little slow in getting new posts up. But for the two of you who read this, thanks for waiting! HA HA HA

Life is good. Our house is so much fun! We are still working on places to put things. Some more Pottery Barn stuff arrived today. We'll put that up later this week I'm sure. FUN STUFF.

Mark's parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night. YIKES. Cooking dinner for the in-laws. It will be fun to show our place to them. They haven't seen it all put together yet. So that will be a fun thing.

Work is going well. We are in the middle of a big campaign - YOUR MOVE. Check out the fun stuff at . I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out the God STORIES section. You'll findat least TWO people in there you know - both under the name of STENBERG. As a part of the campaign, our church printed a nice magazine full of the stories of what God is doing in the lives of His people. It is very cool.

I'm hoping to put some more pictures up soon. I have a TON from the reception in Ruston. I'll get them up when I can.

here's hoping you are all doing well. Please drop in and leave me a note. I'd love to hear from you.