Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weird things . . .

So there are some weird things going on these days. I'll explain:

1) I think I'm about to save about $30 per month in my budgeted blow fund. I just can't seem to get excited about coffee. Usually, I stop by a local shop at least once a week for a Praline Delight Latte and drive through starbucks at least once a week for some sweet delight there . . . but the last week or so, those just don't seem appealing.

2) Strange food aversions - (see coffee listed above) as well as the smell of cheerios (who knew they smelled so strong?)

3) An odd metallic taste in my mouth - all the time. Makes stuff taste weird - except sweet stuff. I don't have any problem with sweet stuff.

4) I'm SUPER tired.

If you haven't guessed by now . . . . . Mark and I are going to be parents! I hear that all these things going on are quite normal for pregnancy. Normal is good. I'm thankful for normal!
Baby Stenberg will make his or her appearance sometime around July 1.

Some of the suggested names so far: Deranne, Nathan (Lubinus), Mikaela - all kinds of friends suggesting that the baby should carry their names! Too funny. We are not even close to thinking seriously about names! But we enjoy the suggestions.

You can keep us in your prayers as we are still early on in the pregnancy. We did have an early ultrasound about a week ago and heard a nice strong heartbeat and heard that everything looks "fantastic." So we are happy with that.

God is good and faithful!
Read Psalm 145!
He is faithful! He opens His hand and satisfies the desires of all things!