Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who Loves Baby?

Callen was given a book called "Who Loves Baby?" that you put pictures in to show the baby. So I thought I'd put a few here for you all to see as well! Here they are as a Picasa slideshow. You can click on the "word bubble" for captions!

One of my most favorite shots is the one of the FOUR red-heads: Callen, Daddy, Papaw Tom, and Grandpa Stenberg. NO QUESTION where the red hair came from! -

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday GiGi!

Today is Callen's Aunt Angie's (GiGi) birthday!
Happy Birthday Angie!

This is Callen's friend Naomi. She came for a visit the other day! Callen slept while she was here!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Almost two weeks

We had a good time at Clear Lake over the weekend. Mark's mom (Grandma Stenberg) was a huge blessing to me as I was able to have some moments to relax while she had some goooood grandma time! We are glad to be home now.

Here are some more pictures for the Callen fans!

First Photo: Check me out Aunt Sonee . . . I'm a lake boy!

Go Bulldawgs!

Daddy and Callen

Family Photo and Mommy and Callen

Friday, July 11, 2008

One Week Old

Great news! We had a visit with the Homeward Nurse today and after a week or so of struggling with the eating thing . . . Mr. Callen has now gained back FIVE ounces in two days! Praise the Lord!

We are headed to the lake for a few days so Mark can get some work done up there on a family project. So, no posts until Wednesday or so. We'll leave you with these pictures . . .
Callen at one week . . .

Callen with Grandma Stenberg

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sunday, July 06, 2008

More of Callen!

We made it home finally around 12:30p Sunday. It has been an adventure.

Here are more photos of the very handsome man.

Bath time before headed home from the hospital

Daddy getting Callen out of the car . . . HOME SWEET HOME.
We LOVE his red hair!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Callen Mark has arrived

Callen Mark came into this world yesterday (July 3) at 8:57 am. He was 8 lbs. 12 oz, and 21 1/2 inches long. And very good looking much like his father.

What happened

Mandy was admitted to the hospital to "jump start" the process. We were one of 9 couples having a baby. It was a very busy night for the nurses. Mandy was given something for her cervix which was 2 cm. dialated. The side effect of this was severe cramps. At 2am the nurse came in the checked. She was already at 7 cm. And she announced Mandy was in active labor. This wasn't obvious because of the cramping.

I got up and thought..."this is it!"
2nd thought: "what do I do...I don't remember what I am supposed to do!"
3rd thought: "don't freak out, don't freak out".

Everything progressed rather rapidly. We had not expected the medication to knock her into labor. The doctor broke the water at 4, and then did another procedure to "finish out the cervix" at 5am. This is when the pushing began. The doctor said "now the work starts".

"What?" (my thoughts again) "work....what are you talking about? This is what we have been doing. You are supposed to be bringing us the baby now."

Mandy did so good! She really pushed long and hard. It was very very exhausting for her. She did this without any meds. We were trying to go as natural as possible. Mandy even at one point in between contractions was able to give me a nice smile. But later, 7ish, she was so tired, she would fall asleep during the 20-30 seconds of rest. At 8am Dr. Beer (see pic) came in and checked.

"If he wasn't coming out, we were going in to get him"
Although Callen had made progress, it appeared he had stopped moving out. Perhaps his size, or the pelvic shape, or something, but we were at a wall. It looked like it would be a much longer time before he would be delivered. Given Mandy's exhaustion after over 3 hours of active pushing, we opted to have a c-section. This went well. I watched the whole procedure. (which is not for the faint!) It took only about 5-10min. for Callen to be removed from Mandy.

I went with our little man to the nursery and realized something....he was bright blue!

"don't freak out, don't freak out"

All is well that ends well
The doctor and nurse took care of the situation and soon he was responding and a more natural color came over his face and chest. I was able to spend some alone time with him. We were not quite sure what the name was yet, so I took the time to try our favorites out on him. I don't think he understood this because he started to cry. But it was a beautiful cry.

So they got Mandy stiched up and in and then out of recovery. We have got him to Mandy for a late night snack and even breakfast and lunch this morning. We have had some visitors. Mandy's folks, my folks, and others.
Thank you to everyone who prayed. Thank you for thinking of us. We will be in the hospital until Sunday so Mandy can heal up some more. We look forward to sharing Callen with you.

p.s. If he had been born the on the fourth I think a patriotic came would have been in order....I think something like.... George Jefferson.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Change of Terminology Requested

So, due date VS. estimated date of delivery . . . .

Due Date: An item should be returned or turned in at that time. Library books, reports for school . . . . and the like. Also there seems to a "penalty" inherant in a late performance when the word "due date" is used. With a baby . . . . there is no penalty. It just doesn't show up on its due date. As in the case of BABY STENBERG. No action.

Estimated Date of Delivery: I read this suggested term in one of my many baby books. I like it better. It suggests that maybe something will arrive on the date we tell you, maybe it won't. Again, as in the case of Baby Stenberg.

At our appointment today, Dr. Beer made a suggestion that we've decided to take.
We'll check in to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to start the process of inducing labor. I won't actually be induced until Thursday, so don't expect any updates till either late Thursday or maybe even Friday. Mark JUST MIGHT get his fourth of July baby after all!

We appreciate your prayers as we go through this process. We can't wait to meet the baby and introduce him or her to all of you!