Saturday, October 31, 2009

Heintz Family Preview

Here are the much anticipated (at least by Heidi and James!) Heintz family photo previews! Enjoy!

Sweet sisters!

Boys need their room to roam!


Monday, October 05, 2009

Slackin' at updatin'

Yeah, it has been awhile since a Stenberg family update. So sorry.

Seems like we've been busy. But when I look at our lives, I have a hard time seeing
what we've been busy doing. Mark is leading our connection group. I'm leading a Bible study at church. Mark is still busy in the concrete world. I'm lending a hand with some family ministry stuff at Cornerstone AND pursuing photography AND training for a 5K.

God is HARD at work in us right now. He is chiseling away and making us
beautiful all over again. But don't you know that hard stone feels that chisel?

Callen is great. 15 months this past weekend. Growing. Climbing.
Talking more and more and more.
He's figured out the "b" sound now
and says many words:
"mama" sometimes he just says "mom"
and "dada" sometimes he just says "dad"
"uh oh"
"nana" banana
"NaaNaa" Naomi, his sweet girlfriend
"caka" cracker
"all done" He signs this one and almost says the words
"pappaw" Mandy's dad
"poppa" Jerry T
and almost "meme" Mandy's mom
He is also working on "grandma" Mark's mom

All in all life is good for the Stenbergs. How are you?