Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brad and Tara

I'm a bit behind on pictures . . . . but here's a sneak peek for Brad and Tara Hofer.

The groom sees his bride for the first time . . .

They were so happy and excited! Truly . . . full of joy and the knowledge of God's sweet gift!

I love this picture!

She was so excited to say that Brad was going to be all hers!

Beautiful bride, beautiful decorations . . . . a wonderful day!

More to come Mr. and Mrs. Hofer. Soon!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


My sister tagged me. Here we go!

The Rules:
1. Post the rules
2. List 8 random facts or habits about yourself
3. If you are tagged, then you must Post the rules and list 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
4. After you post, tag 8 people and let them know they must read your blog for the rules.

My Eight

1. I am afraid of birds.

2. I also lock doors when I close them. (My sis and I share this habit.)

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat a peppermint while drinking Sonic Dr. Peppers. Not just any Dr. Pepper will do. It must be from Sonic.

4. I have a red strawberry mark on the underside of my left forearm. My mom says it used to be behind my ear when I was a baby.

5. I just got back from Kids Camp today and these random facts might not be making much sense.

6. In just one month and 6 days it will be my ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!

7. I love to blog.

Tagging: Christi Harper, Marci Harper, Elizabeth Johnson, Jodi Pribyl, Angie Shepherd (no blog, but tagging her anyway!), Catie Blunt, Mark Seekins, and Christi Ramares

Friday, August 03, 2007

A preview for Courtney

I had a fun family shoot on Wednesday evening with Courtney, Joel, and Katie. Courtney and Katie are surprising their mom with photos for her birthday! It was fun!