Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wow. I'm one of THOSE bloggers.

One who takes a month long (or maybe longer) hiatus and doesn't even really seem to care!

If you are one who checks this periodically and have maybe even stopped checking it . . . so sorry.

Facebook has sucked the life out of my blogging. I put pictures there and just go on with life.
I want to be better at blogging. You can say so much more here.

So, here goes . . .

A short update:
We've sold two houses in two months.
We will be moving in with Mark's parents while we build.
Callen is saying more and more words every day.
Callen had his first haircut.
My dad came for a Christmas visit.
We are headed to TX for a sweet vacation!
I started back to work part time at Cornerstone.

Life is good. Crazy at times, but good.

Here are a few pics . . .

Callen did SO great with is first haircut.

I absolutely love this pic!!!

But at the end, he was pleased as punch with his new 'do!