Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Final Christmas 2007 post

After a wonderfully lazy Christmas morning at home in Waverly, Angie B, Mark and I made our way to the Madden camp for Christmas night dinner with Dad - SHRIMP GUMBO! Here's Dad cooking away . . .

Dad - after his haircut!
Alidya and Bret (my cousin) and their boys met us in Shreveport for a Mudbugs Hockey game. It was so fun to hang out with them. Mayson McKeiver - JUST LIKE HIS DAD when we were growing up! Carson McKeiver - too sweet! Not at all like his dad! HA HA HA

Mark and I at the hockey game.

Carson learned to do the CHICKEN DANCE with his cousin Mandy! He's a dancer!

This lady (black jersey, #17) led the cheers in our secsion. Her hat has a Mudbug (crawfish for those Midwesterners reading this blog) on top and the hat reads - "PUCK HEAD." Can you say "DIE HARD HOCKEY FAN?"

Mark and I with the Mudbug mascot!

Friends Reunion in ruston

Some dear friends moved back to the states from overseas and of course that was just a great excuse for a holiday gathering. Mark, Angie B and I headed to Ruston to meet up with the Johnsons and other sweet sweet friends just before Christmas. Here are some photos of our afternoon together.

Miss Bailey Johnson and her new best friend Chris Ellender.

One happy family! Jamie and Tammy are getting married in the Spring. Cameron approves!

Mark meets newest Johnson family member, Jesse Benjamin.

Billy James and his "boys" - all grown up now!

Angie B, Whitney and Lauren Massingale

Tiffany Webb Kinnison and Mandy B Stenberg

The Johnsons!

More Christmas

I guess when you do something twice, it becomes a tradition. So this year, we made our gingerbread houses/men again at mom's house. We had special guests for the event too! My uncle Larry, aunt CJ, and cousin Caitlan-Dallas joined us for the fun. I made a Tech house - all decorated with red and blue. Angie and Caitlan made what they kept calling "juicy couture" house . . . we all just called it a mess. Cynthia's resembled mine - at least in the "neatness" of it all. And mom and Jerry collaborated on another outhouse. Too fun.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 07 Highlights

OK everyone. I'm going to work to get up posts and pics from our Christmas adventure to the south. Each one will be a different post . . . so keep reading to see just what you are looking for.

First we made a stop in Kansas City to see Amy and Greg Gay and their new baby boy Donovan. Man, he's cute.

After our overnight there, we continued on to Arkansas with a stop in Russellville to see David and Margie McLemore. I didn't take my camera in and was kicking myself for not doing it. But it was great to see them. Bro. David continues to recover after his accident nearly 3 years ago. Our next stop was Fowler's Truelove . . . my mom and Jerry's home away from home in Damascus, AR. It is a beautiful place. They have enjoyed the peace and quiet there and have really done some work to make great walking trails and bridges over the creek. These photos are from our day there. WARNING: Some of you have asked for pregnancy photos . . . you'll see me in the following pics and yes, I'm pregnant. Does that count?

More to come soon including photos of the "reunion" in Ruston, gumbo with my dad, and the mudbugs hockey game with Bret, Alidya, and the boys!