Tuesday, February 12, 2008

19 weeks

I consulted with a few hollywood starlets . . . they said to keep the public interested in your "fame" (a.k.a. - keep reading your blog) you have to give them what they want.

So, I'm taking their advice and finally posting a much asked for and long awaited "pregnancy pic."
I am now to the point where people at church who may not have already heard the news about baby Stenberg will give me a second glance or two with that look . . . "Are you expecting????"

And the switch of colors on the site to pink AND blue?Well, much to the distress of some (angie b) we will NOT be finding out whether we are having a boy or a girl. It is a little fun, and a LOT out of character for both Mark and I who are planners by nature.

All is going well so far. I am feeling tired often - there is a reason most ladies choose to do this having a baby gig in their twenties! But God isn't surprised that I'll be 36 when this baby comes. So I shouldn't really complain. It was His plan after all!

Names? We are working on a list. It is a work in progress really. While there are some names that come up more often than others as favorites, we aren't settled at all. That will come too in time.

Mark has been working hard on renovating the basement with the new guest room and bathroom. As soon as it is finished we'll get to work on the baby's room. That will be fun and make it all the more real.

Thanks for reading!

Sacramento Area and Las Vegas

This will be a long post. So keep reading! I'll include pics and posts from our whole trip!

Mark was headed out to the World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas and asked me to tag along. He then discovered that there would be a 50th birthday celebration for Larry Thiel . . . the director of InterVarsity (a ministry for college students) where Mark was involved when he was in college at UNLV. So we decided to get the most bang for our buck and head out to Sacramento/Stockton, CA the weekend before Vegas to attend the party. It was fun to meet Mark's college friends and especially Larry (and his family) who has such a big place in Mark's growth as a believer. Larry really took time to disciple Mark and help him establish a great foundation for his faith. Here are some pics from the birthday party weekend . . . .

This is the UNLV crowd. Larry and Nina Thiel are on the far right.

Mark, Heather, and Larry
Heather was one of Mark's good friends in InterVarsity. We spent two nights in the home of her and her husband Mike in Sacramento.

Mark and I were both excited to eat at In-N-Out Burger in California! If you've never had one, too bad for you. And thanks Angie S for the "secret menu" tips!

On Sunday night we made a quick trip with Mike and Heather down to San Francisco so I could see the Golden Gate Bridge and to meet up with Eric, a great friend who actually traveled all the way to Iowa for our wedding!

Mark and I with the bridge in the shadows behind us . . .

The Stenbergs at Ghiradelli Square

Dinner at "The Stinkin' Rose" where they flavor their garlic with food!


We flew from Sacramento to Las Vegas on Monday. Mark was really excited to show me the city where he lived and went to school for four years. It was my first Vegas adventure. Some highlights: A nighttime helicopter ride around the strip, dinner with another college friend (Tina and Jay and Avi), incredible dinner at the "top of the world" restaurant at the Stratosphere (800 feet above the city in a revolving restaurant), walking the strip and downtown and seeing all the wild and craziness that is indeed Las Vegas, and seeing "O" (Cirque du Soleil) show at Bellagio.

Getting ready to get on the helicopter

Us on the helicopter with our cool headsets

Vegas at night from the Stratosphere. We had a GREAT meal here! And what a view!

Us at the Stratosphere.

Fountains at Bellagio

We had a great trip!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Coming soon!

Posts from our trip to Sacramento/Las Vegas


a long awaited "belly pic!"
Yes, I'm giving in.

Check back soon!