Friday, July 07, 2006

Summertime and the living is NOT easy

Whoever wrote that song did NOT work in children's ministry. Who plans these summer schedules anyway? Oh, right. Me. So I really can't complain can I???

Here's the scoop from Mandy B.
We made it through VBS (barely) and are now in full swing towards a four-day Day camp which begins on Tuesday, July 11. I did have a nice break over the weekend. I was up at Clear Lake (about 1.5 hours from Ames) with Mark and his family. It was nice to relax. We came back into town on Sunday night so that I could volunteer at the National Special Olympics on Monday. I was a softball announcer. It was fun!

So we (my summer intern and I) are now sort of in coast mode. Major decisions for Day Camp and Kids Camp in August have been made. So, now it is just the carrying out of those decisions. Which in reality is pretty easy.

Wedding stuff is going well. I got the fun phone call this week that my dress has arrived! It is in early! How fun! I'll have my first fitting on Tuesday, July 18. That will be a really fun day.

Mark and I picked out tuxes yesterday. Those boys will look NICE.

Next on the list is printing and stuffing invitations. Then we'll start the process of receiving RSVPs and getting ready for showers. Wow. It is all fun.

That's it for me. Would love to hear from you . . .


AngJoyB said...

How do I add other people's blog to my blog page?

Dixon Ailesi said...

Hey Mandy,
We are really excited for you and Mark. I have been faithfully reading your blog since I discovered it on the Johnson's blog. Does that make me a blog stalker? I hope not! Maybe one day we will make it to Iowa! That is quite a ways from Texas though...hmmm. We are here for 7 months and then we head back to good ol' Ankara. If you are interested you can check out our See ya!
Natalie Dixon

Harper Family said...

Would love to be there for the fitting to see you in your dress. We are really going to try and be there for your Ruston reception. Wish we could be at the wedding, but with 3 kids now, far off travel is almost impossible. Miss you,

Beth(ie) said...

Mandy, you're like 2 weeks too early on you Ruston reception! Regardless, I love hearing about your wedding, though no doubt it's crazy in the middle of the summer. "Thoughts" for that. Sorry I'll miss you guys, but we'll meet up again!
Much love,