Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brad and Tara

I'm a bit behind on pictures . . . . but here's a sneak peek for Brad and Tara Hofer.

The groom sees his bride for the first time . . .

They were so happy and excited! Truly . . . full of joy and the knowledge of God's sweet gift!

I love this picture!

She was so excited to say that Brad was going to be all hers!

Beautiful bride, beautiful decorations . . . . a wonderful day!

More to come Mr. and Mrs. Hofer. Soon!


Jodi said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for getting these up. These are the first pictures I've seen from their wedding. I wish I could have been there! I'm so happy for them. So many wedding bells are ringing in Ames. Fun times! You're doing a great job with your photography :)

Christi said...


Great pics, Mandy! You are so the pro with the pho-to!
Talk soon!