Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We had a doctors appointment yesterday. So far, so good. Keep praying! There seems to be no indication that I have contracted fifth's disease or that the baby is affected at all. The doctor says she'll go ahead and do two more US over the next four weeks just to be sure. But if everything continues to look good through those, we are in the clear. KEEP PRAYING!


Renee said...

We were in Target just before A-Cake's most recent celebration and a family whose daughter had 5ths disease - came up to talk to Beloved (he is their pharmacist - so you could say occupational hazard ~but still - he was off duty and we were with him). Our youngest S-girl is only months old - and so you better believe we took all the necessary precautions after we saw them. Ugh - Such a scary thing! We will continue to pray!

Nicole M. Reynolds said...

Glad to hear that all is well as of now. We will pray for Baby Stenburg and you and Mark. We'll miss out on the little Turkey reunion next week - but we would have loved to hang out! Soon!

Christi said...

Any new updates on el Bambino Stenberg? How about Mamacita Stenberg? How's Marky Mark?