Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guess What I Did?

Callen slept through the night last night! Yes, I did get up at 2:30a and was confused as to why he hadn't woken me up to eat. Yes, I went in to see if he was still breathing. But only once! I did wake up a few other times . . . just waiting to hear him. I can't believe my baby slept through the night. Now, I know that it doesn't mean every night he'll do that. But I know he can now. WOW. What a milestone!

He'll be 8 weeks old this Thursday. I'll post more pictures then!


Micca Burris said...

He is so precious!!!

AngJoyB said...

how about last night?

Nicoleigh said...

Yeah Callen! Good job. Let me know when I can watch him again please!! :)

J and J Masson said...

Nice! He did it BEFORE the 8 week mark! He's a smarty pants :)

Tina said... "advanced". i'm impressed he can sleep through the night. congrats, mommy, and "keep it up, callen!" t.

p.s. LOVE the video you posted.