Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas (Abridged)

Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through our house
Everything was stirring, but thankfully there wasn't a mouse
(I don't think mom could handle that . . . .)

These sockie things were hung by our fireplace with silver hooks,
Not sure what they are for, maybe just for looks.

I'm sleeping now all night in my crib,
with drips of rice cereal dancing on my bib!

The days are pretty cold, so I wear a cap,
and I'm even learning how to take a long nap.

Mom and Dad decorated the house really nice,
we've even enjoyed a nice fire once or twice.

There's talk of this dude who brings presents galore,
I don't know about all that, but I am sitting up more and more.

Mom is sending these cards full of happiness and cheer,
They bring wishes of joy, peace, and hope to friends far and near.

Mom and Dad show me this pretty scene,
I'm learning each day that this is what it all means:

A baby like me was born long ago,
and we want all our friends and family to know . . .

This season means more than hurry and fuss
Jesus came to bring life to ALL of us!

Merry Christmas from Callen!


Catie said...

OH MY GOODNESS !!! how cute this post was!!! and Callen at the end!!! i melted at that big grin! i hope you enjoy your christmas gift from me!

Nicoleigh said...

Callen! Thanks so much for my gift last night. I posted about it on my blog. (I also included your cute little santa picture.)

a likens said...

I look forward to seeing you all at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

mammaw and poppa say hurry and get here. we want lots of hugs and kisses.
Hey mom you have quite a writing talent there.
wonder where you get that?

J and J Masson said...

cute!!!! he's such a talented writer for being so young :)

Renee said...

Sweet blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey and Merry Christmas all! What a great smile your little guy has - WOW! We really enjoy your posts even though we don't always comment. Can hardly wait to see you all IN PERSON! Please give hugs to one another and to Jodi P whenever you see her...we miss you all!!
The Bene's

Kam's Mom said...

That is absolutley precious!!! I hope we get to see each other again soon!

heathorock said...

so fun!!!

Kravtsovs said...

this is great!!! i love it, mandy! and callen is adorable!!!

Ryan, Tara and Owen said...

Look how clever you are! What an adorable post. It certainly put me in the Christmas Spirit!

Sheila Carlin said...

Happy New Year!
Callen is beautiful! I love looking at ya'll!
Give hugs from me!
We are looking forward to the Morgan's being in LA this summer;We plan to visit and to go to the BSU Homecoming. I see that you went this year! The last time I had been in Ruston was for your wedding party, but we stopped there on Dec 19th and had lunch at Ponchatula's with old friends! Hope to see you this year!!

Love you, Sheila