Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So my sister has challenged me to be a better blogger - for professional 
as well as personal reasons.
One of her ideas has really struck a cord with me -
share some of my stories through a weekly blog post.

I am after all a Southern girl.  And the way Southerners really get to know each other is through story-telling. You can't sit too long at a Southern gathering before the stories start to fly . . . "Remember that time . . . " leads into "Oh, yeah, well once I  . . . " and on and on and on it goes. So, it only makes sense if I want people (and potential photography clients) to get to know me . . . I need to share my stories. 

Sweet sister was also the inspiration for my memory jar.  It is still a work in progress - but it is simply a place to keep things I can't seem to part with but do not necessarily need/want them sitting on shelves in my home.  So, as I continue to build my jar . . . I'll share the stories of the pieces inside.

First . . . a pic of the jar itself, only partially filled

Now on to the first item:
My Pappaw's Belt and Buckle
Thomas Mayo Bartholomew, Sr . . . My "Pappaw" was such a fun man. I was his first granddaughter, Rod and Bret beat me out of first grandchild status, but I came along as the first girl, securing my place as a favored one (sorry cousins, its just true!) Pappaw drove an 18 wheeler. He would come pick me up and take me to his house in Monticello, AR, for fun weekends with him and my Grandma. We had a common love for horses, especially Poco D Diamond, popcorn, ice cream, and laughing. Pappaw was a horseman - riding in cutting shows and just for fun. And he ALWAYS had on a cowboy belt, usually with one of his many AQHA Secretary buckles. When I was in college and graduate school, I would call Pappaw anytime I needed a pick me up. He ALWAYS made me laugh like no one else. We were true friends. I still miss him tons and can get really weepy wishing that he could have seen my two red heads. But I have my memories and will certainly pass those along to my kids.

I have so many stories about how much my Pappaw loved life. He loved to laugh and prank friends. He loved his family - especially us grandkids. He loved my Grandma - and well, who didn't? But, well,  that's another story . . . 

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a likens said...

Tears!!! I look forward to more stories from the jar. I will post my first very soon as well.
Love you, Love the pics... You must be favored since you may the only one with the belt. The rest of us have a buckle, but you always have the upper hand... LOVE