Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life in Ruston

The Stenbergs are finding life in Ruston to fit us just dandy so far. Our apartment is shaping up - all the unpacked boxes are now confined to just one room. My mom kept the boys for a few days last week while Mark and I painted and cleaned and unpacked. I really wanted their room to be ready for them when they walked in and it was just perfect. Callen came in and saw all his old toys and such and was just simply stunned. He just kept saying, "How did you do this?"

 My dad came over one day and helped us do some work outside - trimming a bush and killing red ants for us. I think I'm gonna love having him close by!

We've had some fun adventures so far. Mark had his first day of work on Monday. He's loving the housing office atmosphere and the short walk across the parking lot to work. This week he was able to work Monday - Thursday and have Friday off. The plan tomorrow and the rest of the weekend is to get things really settled and just enjoy some family time. This pic is his first day of work. I think Bulldog Blue agrees with him!
We have Callen enrolled in a two day "preschool" program at First Baptist Church. It will be great for him to learn and grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spirtually. I'm ready for him to make some new friends too! This week the boys and I have ventured out a few times to local parks. We've hung out with our friend Catie Blunt, went swimming at the Smiths, one afternoon, and got our family pass to the new Lambright Sports Complex on campus today. I'm looking forward to more fun ahead.
We of course miss our friends and family in Iowa. I got a letter today from my good friend Jen that just melted my heart. God sure did some great things in my life while I was in Iowa. I cannot thank Him enough for giving me such incredible blessings there. I still need to write about our time at Clear Lake with friends, more on that to come. But for now, here's a pic of me and my gals on our lake cruise one evening. Sweet, precious friends. I love you gals and know that you are praying for us as we settle in.

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