Thursday, January 12, 2006


Just fair warning to everyone out there in blogger land . . . .

My birthday is Friday, January 13.


waverlymom said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl,what a blessed day for me on Jan .13th so many years ago.Ha!I love you.

AngJoyB said...

Happy Birthday. I want to hear all about your special day.

And, at least mom and dad did not have to think they were expecting twins with you.


jada said...

happy birthday to live in a zoo....know you don't you aren't in ruston anymore....just kidding;):):):)

Happy day (as Jadon tells everyone who is having a birthday)

Wish I were there to sing it to ya:)

Miss you much, Mandy:)

Billy & Liz said...

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Billy and Liz

PB12345 said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!!

(It's Paige)

Hope you have a great day!