Monday, January 30, 2006


I am in week three of the fifteen week course Perspectives, being offered here at Cornerstone this semester. It is a great class so far. Jeff Lewis and Mike Stroope have both been guest speakers and have both taken me back to the days when God first introduced me to the idea of His plan for the nations. I have been challenged again to think about God's passion for His name to be known in all the earth. I've been challenged to think about the part God has laid out for me to play. Yesterday, Mike Stroope challenged us to think about the kingdom and this King we choose to follow. Wow. Do I daily put my "yes" on the table for whatever He has in store? Nope, I don't. I want to. I want to believe that I want to. So much of my time with God is retro-active - thanking Him for a good day or blessing, asking Him to fix something I've screwed up, asking Him to forgive an attitude or wipe away worry. I felt challenged yesterday to reconsider my daily walk with Christ, the King. He deserves my first, my best, not my leftovers. He is worthy of my concentration and all my efforts.

Good stuff. Good challenges. Oh I want to follow this King and please Him!

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Jessica said...

mandy, one of my very dear friends went to truett seminary at baylor and is close with stroope. he speaks so highly of him. i've enjoyed watching jayson learn from him over the years. i'm sure you are enjoying his teachings, too. i know how hard ministry can be; i'm glad you are carving out time to be fed some spiritually. enjoy the time!