Friday, February 10, 2006

For the queen

So, today I talked on the phone to my friend Elizabeth in Central Asia and she made me promise to update my blog. Here's a picture of us from days gone by. I don't really have too much to say, but I am true to my word, so here goes.

Elizabeth and Billy are expecting their first baby in a few weeks. Well, we all hope it is quicker than a few weeks, but none of us more than Liz! It is very exciting to know that Billy James Johnson will be a dad. And believe me, that baby girl has him wrapped already! You'll do a great job Billy and Elizabeth. Your little princess is already loved by lots of people!

I'm getting over a cold this week. It took me off guard and put me down for several days. (See how I'm reaching for stuff to blog . . . . )

We have our second game day for Upward Basketball tomorrow. There are 224 players involved this year. It is so much fun. Last week went really well. It is neat to see so many families from outside our church community involved in Upward. It is a cool ministry for our church.

Mark and I are doing great. He is really a gift from God in my life. We've been "dating" now for three months and each day is better than the last!

So, there you go. A little glimpse into my life. Happy Liz?


Elizabeth said...

The queen was so pleased to read your blog! I feel so loved that you did it for me! And I'm sure all your other thousands of readers are pleased as well!
Love ya my friend!

Elizabeth said...

hey I also want to hear about Valentine's Day! nosey aren't I? at least a picture.

AngJoyB said...

I just blogged on my blog and it sounds so blog, too... You know what I mean.

I talked to Eve tonight. You need to go buy her some pansys... Ask her what I mean!! It is the Angie B challenge.

AngJoyB said...

I mean pansies? I have no idea how to spell pansies....