Thursday, August 24, 2006

Showers and more fun

I know, I know. I'm a bit behind. But let me see if I can catch you up.

I had a very fun shower hosted by Eve Doi, Darlene Lubinus, Marie Nesbitt, Jen Lee, and Becky Jones here at Cornerstone on August 12. We had so much fun! They had arranged for my friend Alissa Dietz to choreograph a brand new "line dance" for our reception. She came to the shower and taught it to all the ladies. It was so much fun. Eve had put together a quiz entitled "Mark and Mandy 101." It was a multiple choice quiz with 101 questions about Mark and I. Some of them were hilarious! I felt very loved and had a wonderful time.

Feel free to visit to see pictures from this and other showers. I'm having trouble loading photos to blogger. I'll mark them in individual albums starting with "WEDDING"!

The Friday after the Cornerstone shower, we were honored with a couples shower hosted by some of Mark's closest friends, the White family. Lynn White, her sons and daughter (Mark, Paul, Greg, and Amy) and their significant others (Jamie, Amy, Katie, and Rod) hosted an incredibly fun BBQ at the Ames Golf and Country Club. There was a WONDERFUL group gift of a BBQ grill, cover, and tank given to Mark and I. We also received several other fun gifts. It was a great night.

On Tuesday night of this week, I was given a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower. Talk about fun! We got to register for some GREAT pampered chef products and by the closing of the show will receive ALL of them plus some. This shower was hosted by Mark's mom's friends - Nancy Bundy, Genee Johnson, and Kay Stephan. It was really fun, and I got so much fun kitchen advice.

Mark and I have been working hard on our house. We are moving into 1115 Grand this weekend. I'm putting all my stuff there and then staying with some friends from church for a few weeks. Mark will go ahead and move into the house.

Let me just tell you . . . that man has worked hard to make our house a beautiful home. I can't wait for you to see it. He has made me a very happy woman!

We are on the fast track to September 15. If you are planning to attend the wedding OR Ruston reception and haven't yet RSVP'd . . . please take a minute to send me an email mailto:

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement in the coming weeks!


rindy said...

Ok, Miss Mandy, you of all people know how friggin' far it is from the lovely south to Iowa! After 15 hours of driving, my car just wouldn't turn towards Aimes. Would've loved to have seen your happy engaged face, though! Congrats, again.

jada said...

MANDY!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at Mark and Janet Moore's this weekend in FL and they say to tell you HELLO and congrats.

I am SOOOOOOO happy for you.

God Bless,