Saturday, September 09, 2006


Q. "Are you getting excited about your wedding?"
A. Um, yeah.

Q. "Are you getting nervous?"
A. Nope. Not one little tinge of nervousness.

Q. "Are you leaving right away on your honeymoon?"
A. Saturday morning departure for Boston, headed to Cape Cod! FUN FUN FUN

Just thought I'd clear some of that up for you all!

I have absolutely loved the last three weeks or so. I feel such ease and joy as Mark and I approach our wedding day. What a joy it will be to share it with so many of you, here at the Ames Shin Dig and in Ruston where we'll celebrate all over again! AND I look forward to re-living it all with those of you who can't be here.

To my Turkey friends: You will be missed. I hope Jen puts together the "Mandy wedding party" on Friday. You guys should TOTALLY get together on the 15th and have a party in honor of the nuptials that will take place later in the day. I would LOVE knowing that you were celebrating an ocean away (and that you have prayed for me too!)

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Just thinking about my past and how so many of you have been a part of who I am today, of the woman Mark will spend the rest of his life with. Thanks for being a part of my life. Thanks for pushing me to follow Jesus. Thanks for loving me. Mark thanks you too, but he just doesn't know all of you yet to tell you!

Pictures soon, I promise!

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Mike and Mary B. said...

Hey, you two! We have thought of you and pr'd for you SO VERY MUCH over these past 2 weeks!!! So happy that you are happy and joyful in Him!! Those facts make our hearts SING!! About the blog name...just add an "S"!
mandybeeS...or make it or make it m&mbeeSblog...I know you'll come up with something soon...just keep it coming! We may not always have time to comment, but WE DO VISIT OFTEN!!!!
We love you two...can hardly wait for you to come visit!!! =-}
We love and miss you! Mike, Mary, and Marlee...and Jill!!