Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's Eve

Here are a few quick shots of me and my sweetie on New Year's Eve. That's our "New Year's" tree in the background too! (It is just our Christmas tree without any decorations! Why not enjoy it a few more days. I ended up with the quick onset of strep shortly into the evening and din't feel much like celebrating. But it was exciting to think about a new year ahead nonetheless. Things to come in 2007: my birthday! A trip to Turkey (February), Mark's Birthday (April) and more! More to come soon.

We also had a holiday visitor! Catie Blunt from Ruston came to reconnect with the friends she made during her summer internship with me at Cornerstone. It was fun to see her and to have her as our first overnight guest at 1115 Grand! This is a picture of Catie and her buddy Timothy.

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