Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh mom!

She just couldn't resist. Thanks mom for the cake and flowers. My co-workers LOVE my birthday as much as me cause mom has sent a cake here to work for the past 4 years and they get to share in the goodies! She sent it a day early so they could enjoy and help partake of the calories! FUN FUN FUN

Mark and I are going to celebrate the big day tomorrow at his parent's lake house. No big party this year . . . . just me and my sweet husband. I will of course be taking phone calls from all the well-wishers (hint, hint).

Here are photos of the cake and the flowers.

I love you mom.


Anonymous said...

If I was there I would have to put a sign outside that says, "Honk, It's Mandy's birthday"! Hope you have a great one!

Johnson Journal said...

I always think your birthday is later in the month! Sorry! We hope you had a wonderful birthday! We will have to celebrate again once you get to Istanbul! We love you!
Billy, Elizabeth & Bailey

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!!

catieblunt said...

Yeaaaaa ! happy birthday

oh and those pictures of me and tim are crazy

and i should be given credit for those amazing pictures i took of you and mark new years eve!

and i have a blog now... with nothing on it...yet...