Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Owen's Dinner Party

We had a fun gathering last night for some old Turkey friends to meet Owen Hammett! Tara and Owen are in Iowa this week visiting, so we made some plans to meet them for dinner. Mark, Marie, Ben and I hopped in the car and headed East to Coralville to meet Amy Jo, Holly, Tara, Gail (Tara's mom) and Owen for dinner. It was really fun to see old friend and to meet sweet Owen.
Here's the Turkey crew with Owen:
Here's Amy Jo and Owen:

Ryan, we didn't miss you one bit.

OK, so we did a little.

But we enjoyed catching up with each other and what a fun reason to do it -
that Owen is a cutie pie!


Ryan, Tara & Owen said...

Yeah, you know I'm the life of the party and it wasn't nearly as much fun without me!! But, my little protege was there, so I'm sure some fun was had ;-) Tara says she had a blast. Thanks so much for driving over to Iowa City with everyone.


Jesse and Julie Masson said...

holy cow he looks like a schmidt. well at least i think he looks like ben. amy jo looks so cute!

Rebecca said...

I'm so jealous, I'm so jealous, I'm so jealous - ergggg, so jealous!