Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TRX fitness training

So yeah, I am taking a new class at Ames Parks and Rec. It uses the TRX fitness training system. And yeah, we do that move shown above. CRAZY. It is only one month. Will I be able to make it? We started today. I was wobbly on my legs for about an hour after class was finished! Oh my word.


Christi said...

So...when are you going to become the new PR girl/model for this new fangled work out? It looks fun...in a circus kind of way. Let me know when y'all come to town!!

I really do want to hear how it is. Something new and different. I bet it would be fun to take a class with friends!!!

Dixon Ailesi said...

Can I just say that even though I don't know you well I can picture what I know of you doing that exact move. Or at least attempting to. I do remember the dance we did at a tteam meeting once. I was a particpant along with Amy Jo, Elizabeth, Tara, you, Jennifer, Rebecca, Christine, and maybe others. It is seared into my mind, because of how much we laughed. Oh, and yes France was great! I couldn't have had a better time! It's Mentanna, you know...how can you not have fun with her?

Anonymous said...

hey Babe , I want to know how to get that here in the South.
I bet you can just see me and Sherry and Krysti working out.
Is it a machine or what??
I really want to know,OR DO I?
mamma Truelove