Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Final Christmas 2007 post

After a wonderfully lazy Christmas morning at home in Waverly, Angie B, Mark and I made our way to the Madden camp for Christmas night dinner with Dad - SHRIMP GUMBO! Here's Dad cooking away . . .

Dad - after his haircut!
Alidya and Bret (my cousin) and their boys met us in Shreveport for a Mudbugs Hockey game. It was so fun to hang out with them. Mayson McKeiver - JUST LIKE HIS DAD when we were growing up! Carson McKeiver - too sweet! Not at all like his dad! HA HA HA

Mark and I at the hockey game.

Carson learned to do the CHICKEN DANCE with his cousin Mandy! He's a dancer!

This lady (black jersey, #17) led the cheers in our secsion. Her hat has a Mudbug (crawfish for those Midwesterners reading this blog) on top and the hat reads - "PUCK HEAD." Can you say "DIE HARD HOCKEY FAN?"

Mark and I with the Mudbug mascot!


J&A said...

great pix! thanks for the comment, that's exciting news! i can't wait to see belly pix as well. unfortunately, the belly starts showing a little earlier the second time around :) take care and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

love the pics--but where are the sonogram pics? I wanna see baby Stenberg!

Luv Ya!

Renee said...

You are looking really good Mandy! Are you feeling okay?


Nicole M. Reynolds said...

Hey Mandy! We made it to Iowa. You were right - it's cold. =) But we are enjoying getting settled in our new home. We will be at Cornerstone this weekend, so we will will for you and Mark. Can't wait to swap pregnancy stories!