Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More snow


It was almost 60 degrees on Sunday. Almost all the snow melted. For the first time in months - literally since December - I saw my front yard.

Then, the awful twist. Sunday night the temps dropped and I woke to MORE SNOW on the ground Monday morning. And the weather guy . . . well, he's telling me we'll have more tonight and Wednesday.


Winter has to be almost over.
It just has to be.

Baby is doing great. Week 24 photo comes next week! Just you wait!


Mark Seekins said...

you do live in Iowa sweet friend!

you know the year i was there was "unusually" bad... right!!

Hollie Allen said...

I can't stand it either...I just want Spring to get here so you can take some great outdoor pictures of our family. :)

Much love,