Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Change of Terminology Requested

So, due date VS. estimated date of delivery . . . .

Due Date: An item should be returned or turned in at that time. Library books, reports for school . . . . and the like. Also there seems to a "penalty" inherant in a late performance when the word "due date" is used. With a baby . . . . there is no penalty. It just doesn't show up on its due date. As in the case of BABY STENBERG. No action.

Estimated Date of Delivery: I read this suggested term in one of my many baby books. I like it better. It suggests that maybe something will arrive on the date we tell you, maybe it won't. Again, as in the case of Baby Stenberg.

At our appointment today, Dr. Beer made a suggestion that we've decided to take.
We'll check in to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to start the process of inducing labor. I won't actually be induced until Thursday, so don't expect any updates till either late Thursday or maybe even Friday. Mark JUST MIGHT get his fourth of July baby after all!

We appreciate your prayers as we go through this process. We can't wait to meet the baby and introduce him or her to all of you!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and all of us!!! I love the blog....Thanks!
Praying for you. Love, Marie

Kelly and the rest of the Naylor clan said...

There is nothing wrong with induction. I've done it both ways (with and without induction), and induction is swell. Doesn't make your birth any less "natural," as sometimes babies simply do not want to come "naturally" on their own. It is not good for the little boogers to stay too long (as I'm sure you already know, being the brainy girl that you are).

Induction also saves the horrific embarrassment of going into labor at, say, your local Target store. Those labor pains can drop you like a sack of hammers, and nobody wants to see that.

We love you so much! You and Baby are running through our minds constantly. You're in our prayers, and we're so happy that you'll meet your little one soon. What a blessing.

catieblunt said...

ahhh! come on baby!

Carrie said...

AHHHH... Its like a never ending drama!!!! I am still rooting for the fourth, that would be awesome!!! I am praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...

We are all praying and looking forward to the 4th of July baby. I wish I could give you a trick to help you both get through this but I was asleep for most of the process...good husband. I do remember lots of "ICE CHIPS". Be good,
Greg White

Renee said...

We will be praying here at ATH! Hang in there Mandy! A 4th of July baby would be pretty cool!
Sweet blessings!
Renee and the ATH clan

BonnieJ said...

Another Louisiana Tech fan is almost here!

J and J Masson said...

awww he could be born on the joyous widely celebrated occasion of our anniversary! :) looking forward for pics of your new baby boy. ;)