Sunday, September 16, 2012

One month and six years

We've been in Ruston for a month now. It has been so fun! I've enjoyed catching up with friends and making new ones, eating at favorite places and finding new favorites. Our apartment is becoming home. The boys are settling in to life in Louisiana.

Callen has had his first soccer practice and he loves his coach . . . well, its me! Long story, there weren't enough coaches for the U5 league so parks and rec put the call out to parents. I said, "I can tell you all I know about soccer in ONE sentence, but I'd be willing to help organize, call, etc." Then I got a call from another mom who said "yes" and was told by RPAR that I would help her. She too is new to soccer. First practice I show up with a google doc that I had found just 30 minutes before practice and that I read ON THE WAY to practice entitled "how to coach 3/4 year olds soccer." The other mom and I agreed to just wing it from this print out. I walked over to the parents after practice fully ready for the first words out of my mouth to be "So sorry you got stuck with us" when they all gushed "THANK YOU SO MUCH. THIS WAS THE MOST ORGANIZED PRACTICE WE'VE EVER SEEN. YOU ARE SO GOOD WITH THE KIDS. Y'ALL DID SO GOOD." After I stopped laughing hysterically, I did tell them that I know NOTHING about soccer, but do have experience with children. I told them we'd learn together! So funny.

Callen started school after Labor Day. Here's his first day of school picture.

Jack wanted to go to school too. And he was VERY sad when we had to leave "brubber" at school.

Then it was Mark's turn for this "first day of school" pic.
People keep asking how Mark is adjusting to life in Louisiana. In his own words: "I really like my job and the people I work with. I'm enjoying my classes. I like Ruston and being immersed in a different culture. There's been nothing in this move that has made me second guess the decision. I feel happy and content." It has been fun to watch Mark in this new "world." He's keeping a list on his iphone of Southern words and phrases that are new to him. I giggle sometimes!

This weekend Mark and I celebrated six years of marriage. Saturday was our actual anniversary, but since the Bulldogs were throwing a big party for us in the form of their first home game (HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS!), we had date night Friday night. Big thanks to Faith and Jenny Kate Moss for wrangling the fellas. Mark and I went to Cotton, a restaurant in Monroe by chopped champion Cody Bahr. The food was AMAZING. We had a great evening and had sweet conversation recounting our blessings from this past year.
We've been attending The Bridge Community Church in Ruston. It reminds us so much of Cornerstone. That's been a big blessing for us. The boys are enjoying their classes and Mark and I are in search of a small group to join. God has blessed us in this move and just keeps on blessing us.

On Wednesday we have the ultrasound that will reveal our new family title . . . "My Three Sons" or "Three Men and a Little Lady."

Stay tuned . . . we'll let you know. Any guesses?

We're also now taking reservations for guests! COME ON DOWN!


Farmgirl Chaos said...

No guesses on the babe. A girl would be fun! But 3 red headed sons is priceless!

I'm ready for a visit! But, it might not be until next year. :(

Jen said...

Ahhhh . . . so happy for a blog update. But, sad because I miss you. Love that Y'ALL are doing so well.

Lora said...

Callen was on the class I work with in the Learning Center Sunday---LOVE HIM!