Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mark and I took this photo at Lake Robbins Ballroom - the finest dance floor in Iowa!


Anonymous said...

Mandy, you guys look great together. Glad to hear your doing well. All is well here too.Shopping is done, plans are set, and I have my instructions on where to be and what time. Just got back from fishing in Okeechobee Florida for two weeks and have froze to death since I got back. It's been ten degrees here a couple days this week! Looking forward to going back with dad in February. Josh is doing well in school and is a sophmore this year. Tore his acl in a motorcross race this summer and is about to have surgery this week. Pray for him and his mother. She's staying home with him the first week and they will probably kill each other by the time it's over. He's in that stage you know. He'll be 16 in three months. All he's talked about is getting a truck. I told him to save his money and I would match him. That sucker went out and got a job. I'm in trouble!! Hope yor mom and dad are doing ok. Haven't talked to them in a while. Tell everyone I said hello and have a merry christmas. Rod

Blaines said...

Hey girl, You all look great! I love your blog. Darrell has a blog for us too

I and Mark look great together! Praying for you. Love, Lisa